Podcasting Works

Pastors have a limited window of engagement with their people. On average, that’s about 10 minutes, once a week. But what about all those other hours in the week? And what about the ones who aren’t showing up on Sundays? Podcasting is an easy, cost effective way of staying engaged and involved with your congregants.

Podcasting is wildly popular. It’s not a fad that comes and goes, it’s a happening that comes and stays. Podcasting has increased tremendously over the past 5 years because they’re free, they’re easy to listen to (at the gym, on a walk, in the car, etc.) and people find them both entertaining and informative. Everyone in the world seems to have gotten onto the train, but the Church is slow to action. But it isn’t standing still!

Perhaps the most popular in the Catholic Podcasting world is Fr. Mike Schmitz, host of the Bible in a Year Podcast. He has millions of listeners. Other notable Catholic podcasters include Jimmy Aikan and others. But where are the local parish priests in this bunch?

As long as Podcasting remains mysterious and complex, parish priests usually have other pressing things to be attentive to. But I can make this process painless and easy. I do all of the work for you.

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