We make amazing podcasts! Fiat provides podcast production, consultation, and related services to bring your ministry or parish into the world of podcasting. With great production quality our goal is to not simply record a talk, but to craft an amazing product specifically tailored to leverage your unique personality and your parish/ministry’s charism to engage with your target audience.

A podcast is more than a person talking into a microphone on studio equipment.

A podcast is a crafted product that’s produced with the intent to engage and make an impact. Parishes can use podcasts to catechize, evangelize, and start a dialogue.

Catholics are more likely to listen to a podcast than they are to walk into their local parish church.

Fiat can help your parish to produce an engaging podcasts to reach the people who aren’t in church, active parishioners, and people worldwide.

Under our ChurchCaster.fm brand, Fiat produces amazing podcasts for a Catholic audience. It becomes part of our catalogue of podcasts on churchcaster.fm and in a widget that makes all of this great Catholic content available right on your website.

“The Church needs a bold pastoral strategy to communicate the Gospel, to use every media platform to turn hearts and minds toward Christ, to call our people to be great saints.”

Archbishop Gomez

President USCCB